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Be a Different Drummer

DD Centre, the centre for creating positive influence, provides a platform and environment for exchange new discoveries and enrichment of self and knowledge through courses, seminars, events and activities.

Do you know that you can also create positive influence to people?
Be a Different Drummer: Be a member of DD Centre

Members’ Privileges

All Different Drummers will enjoy
• 10% discount (on top of early bird rates) on all courses and seminars organized by DD Centre
• 5% additional discount on the rental of DD Centre (please refer to rental schedule)
• Preferential rates for ordering books and other commodities recommended by DD Centre.
• First Hand news about DD Centre’s activities
• Membership of Empowering Education

How to Become a Member of DD Centre?

Please complete the Membership Application Form.
One time membership fee of $200 (to be waived when you register courses organized by DD Centre)