Past Life Regression Workshop by Mr Talis WONG

Past Life Regression has its origins in the ancient Indian literature the Upanishads.

The principal mukhya Upanishads dates from the Pre-Buddhist period (6th century BC)!

Although the name Past Life would seem to set the scene for some religious experience, the Regression Session Facilitator, Mr Talis WONG, will be leading you to discover, gently through hypnosis, some memories locked in your unconscious mind. Through the unlocking you may discover the answers you have long sought, eg, do you experience phobias, or feel you are holding back, being an observer to life rather than a 100% participant; are you satisfied with your relationships? Or perhaps you are just curious. Come along to explore the fascinating horizon of the undiscovered territory of your unconscious mind.

Talis WONG is a Certified Global Neuro Lingusitic Programming (NLP) Trainer (NLP University, Santa Cruz, USA, 2003) and a Certified master Hypno-therapist (USA, 2012).


Date: 12 July 2015 (SUN)

Time: 10 am – 5 pm

Venue: DD Centre

for only 1,600 HKD ( for group of 3, 1,280 HKD each)

Participants limited to 15. First Come First Served.

Reserve Your Place by Banking into HSBC a/c # 450-551486-001 (Different Drums Co Ltd), and email to

ENQUIRIES : / 9834-2112